FAQ about playing movies on Kindle Fire HD

Q: How can I play 1080p MKV movies on my Kindle Fire HD? 
A: The Kindle HD supports video content in format of MP4, 3GP, and VP8 (.webm), so any videos you have not in one of these formats will need to be converted, including MKV. If you intend to watch 1080p MKV movies on your device, you may read thetips for playing MKV files on Kindle Fire HD

Q: Are you able to download already existing AVI onto Kindle Fire HD to watch them? 
A: This is in the same situation as playing MKV movies on Kindle Fire HD. As neitherAmazon nor its subsidiaries provide any content in .avi format that may be the reason it's not supported. If that is the case, Kindle Fire HD owners need to render AVI movies to MP4 for smooth playback on their Amazon tablets. 

Q: Is it possible to view VOB files on Amazon Kindle Fire HD? 
A: The Kindle Fire HD is good for reading books/magazines, playing games and watching movies. Whe it comes to watching movies, the Kindle Fire HD only supports video files in MP4, 3GP, and VP8 (.webm) format. If you would like to view movies that are not in these file types (e.g. VOB), you need to convert them before transferring them to your Kindle Fire for displaying. Here is a guide telling how totranscode VOB files to watch them on Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Q: How can I play Flash video (FLV, F4V) on Kindle Fire HD? 
A: From the online documentation for the Kindle Fire HD we know that Flash content is not supported on Kindle Fire HD. There are ways to get around it, though, using certain browsers. For example, you can use Amazon Silk web browser to view online Flash content on Kindle Fire HD. Amazon Silk web browser does support flash, and it's just disabled by default. If you would like to open the flash file, you will need to enable Flash through your Silk Settings menu. If you have downloaded a lot of videos (.flv, .f4v) on the Internet (YouTube, etc.) and want to watch them on yourKindle Fire HD, you will need a Flash Video Converter for Fire HD. Here comes a article presenting how to watch downloaded FLV and F4V flash videos on Fire HD

Q: How to enable Kindle Fire HD 8.9 to play MPG video files? 
A: The MPG is not a format that supported by Kindle Fire HD 8.9. If you have many MPG movies stored on your PC, and intend to transfer them to Fire HD for playback, you can use the profile called “Amazon Kindle Fire HD H.264 (*.mp4)” within Pavtube Video Converter to convert MPG to a standard .mp4 file that the Kindle Fire HD would play. Here’s how to convert MPG movies to MP4 for viewing on Kindle Fire HD 8.9

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